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You must apply for a High Load Consent if you plan to move any tall structure such as a house or a boat.

Please complete the High Load Consent application form below. All vehicles and or loads exceeding 4.3 metres in height must comply with these conditions:

Vehicles or loads exceeding 4.3 metres in height must comply with these conditions:
Height (metres)

Permission Required

Other Requirements

4.3 - up to & including 5.0

  • Written permission from the owner of an overhead obstruction that the vehicle cannot clear

  • Written approval from relevant access provider if:

    •  the vehicle travels over a level crossing that is not on a state highway, and

    • the vehicle exceeds the height shown on an electrified railway safe height sign

For loads higher than 4.8m, you must use a vehicle with a deck height of less than 1.3m above the road.

Note: New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) requirements should be consulted to ensure all scenarios are addressed and NZTA requirements are complied with.

Greater than 5.0

As above, plus:

  • Written permission from the owner of overhead wires or cables that the vehicle travels under; and

  • Over dimension permit from the Transport Agency Over-Dimension Permit Issuing Agency (OPIA): 0800 OVERSIZE (683 774)

By submitting this application, the applicant acknowledges and agrees as follows:

  1. This High Load Consent is only valid for the date and time stated in the consent. If either date or time is changed, a new High Load Consent will be required.

  2. The applicant will be liable for any damage to Vector's lines and/or equipment by a high load being transported or escorted without a current and valid High Load Consent, or where the applicant fails to follow the conditions of an issued High Load Consent, and Vector will charge the applicant for such damage incurred.

  3. The below lead times apply when requesting a High Load Consent:

  •  Working day means Monday to Friday and excludes national and regional public holidays.

  • Where a request for a High Load Consent is received later than 2.00pm on any working day, the below timeframes will commence on the next working day:

    • At least two (2) working days (see above definition) for high loads up to 5.4m
    • At least five (5) working days (see above definition) for high loads greater than 5.4m, where no power outage is required
    • For high loads greater than 5.4m and where a power outage is required:
    • at least ten (10) working days (see above definition) where up to 20 customers are affected
    • at least thirty (30) working days (see above definition) where more than 20 customers are affected
  1. Additional charges will be incurred where:

    1. any changes and or cancellations to the scheduled time and/or date were not advised to the relevant Field Service Provider (Electrix or Northpower) by 3:30pm on the day prior to the original departure  time; or

    2. there is a "no show" by the applicant at the scheduled time and/or date.

  2. All information supplied by the applicant in relation to this High Load Consent is correct and no relevant information has been omitted.



By submitting this application to transport a high load, you accept and agree that you have:
  • supplied all relevant information in support of your application and that all such information is accurate; and
  • read, understood and agree to the 'Important Information for the Application' at the top of this section.

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