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How can I prepare for an outage at home?

Preparation at home 

While we notify customers in advance for planned outages, there is always a chance that you may be affected by an unplanned outage. It’s a good idea to be prepared in case the power goes out.  


Here are some handy tips: 


  • Keep your mobile phone charged and consider having a spare battery or mobile power pack. 

  • Have a torch and spare batteries handy. 

  • Store cooking fuel, such as gas for your BBQ. 

  • Consider using a surge protection device to protect appliances such as the TV or computer from power interruption. 

  • Water pumps in rural areas may not work when the power is off. To prepare, make sure you store emergency water supplies for drinking and washing. 

  • Contact your house alarm provider to ensure you have backup battery supply during an outage. 

  • If you have electric doors on your garage or live in an electrically gated area, check you know how to manually override it 


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