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My power's out what should I do?


Here are some handy tips to keep you safe during a power outage:


  • Report the outage online or check your address for existing outages and register to receive updates.

  • Use a torch instead of candles (a torch is safer). 

  • Switch off sensitive electrical equipment, such as your TV, computer and stereo as they can be affected by a power surge when power is restored. 

  • Keep the fridge closed so food will last longer while the power is off. A freezer will usually keep food frozen for up to 24 hours without power. 

  • Turn appliances off. Make sure elements on your stove, the kettle, and all heaters are turned off. This ensures they don't come back on without you noticing when the power supply is restored. 

  • Don't touch or use any electrical appliances while barefoot in damp or wet conditions. 

  • If you go out, be aware that streetlights and traffic lights may not be working. 

  • Don't go near any damaged power lines and electrical equipment - stay at least ten metres away. 

  • ​If you are concerned regarding health and safety, please either contact the health professional responsible for your care immediately, or go to the local hospital, or if it is an emergency, call 111.


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