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What does Vector do in a storm?


Bad weather, especially gale-force winds, can cause widespread outages when trees come into contact with power lines. Even when electricity cables are underground, tree roots can cause damage to cables if trees fall.

During a storm, we physically assess the extent of the damage to the network, so we can coordinate our field crews repair work. As a storm progresses, the damage and therefore the restoration focus areas can change.

Our main goal is to work as safely as possible to restore power to the greatest number of customers in the shortest time possible. We prioritise the restoration of power to critical infrastructure such as hospitals, airports, water plants and sewage plants. 

We restore power in the following order:

  1. We prioritise repairs to main lines (high voltage lines), and equipment (substations) that will restore the most power to as many customers as possible at once.

  2. Next, we restore individual transformers and smaller lines (low voltage lines) to individual homes and businesses. Please note that we can’t fix an individual problem until the main lines and equipment are restored. 

‚ÄčIn severe storms with widespread damage, it may take us a few days to physically assess damage and restore power. In these cases, separate crews are used manage assessment and repair works. If a Vector truck leaves your neighbourhood before your power is back on, please know that we are not ignoring your problem.  

During the first few days after a widespread event, it may be difficult to provide accurate estimates for restoration times to individual properties.

After a power outage you may not have hot water. For more information on how hot water is restored, click here.

Watch our short video below on restoring power:


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