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Vector Lights’ first Waitangi show tells the story of Hauturu-O-Toi (Little Barrier Island) 

Ngati Manuhiri, Ngati Rehua, Vector and Auckland Council have partnered to acknowledge our national day by telling an ancient cultural story through this remarkable new innovation. 

Waitangi Day, the Treaty of Waitangi and our mana whenua iwi all have strong connections to the principle of kaitiaki – protection or guardianship of our natural environment. 

The Vector Lights Waitangi show is told in 9 chapters:

In the beginning the world was cloaked in an ever-lasting and consummate darkness known as Te Po, the night, Te Po nui the big night, Te Po roa the long night.

From the deepest night came the first streaks of light and dawn descended upon the earth and was known as Te Ao Marama, the world of light.

CHAPTER 3: Te Ao Tangata
And the world rejoiced in the life-giving light and the earth was bountiful and abundant.

CHAPTER 4: Te Whenua
Rising out of the great ocean of Toi, the navigator, is the wondrous island of Hauturu-o-Toi (Little Barrier Island).

CHAPTER 5: Nga Kaitiaki
Protected by the ancient guardians Te Whai Rahi, the giant stingray and Te Mauri, the great shark.

CHAPTER 6: Te Waonui o Tane
The island is the home of Tane, God of the forest and the natural world.

CHAPTER 7: Nga manu
Bird song fills the forests and rings out across the island, the kokako, kakapo, taiko, kiwi, kereru, tui and hihi are just some of the special taonga found on Hauturu.

CHAPTER 8: Tangaroa
The island is surrounded by deep vast oceans and is the home of Tangaroa, God of the ocean and marine life.

CHAPTER 9: Hauturu-o-Toi

Ngati Manuhiri and Ngati Rehua are the people of the Hauturu-o-Toi.
Hei tiaki i te whenua
Hei tiaki i te whanau
Hei tiaki i nga mokopuna
He kaitiaki koe
He kaitiaki au

Protecting the land
Protecting the family
Protecting the next generation
You are a guardian
I am a guardian

To find out more about about Hauturu-O-Toi, visit Ngati Manuhiri and Ngati Rehua​




  • Mar 17
    Vector Lights for St Patricks Day 2019

    Details for this Vector Lights event will be confirmed soon. 

  • Mar 21
    Vector Lights for Pasifika 2019

    Details for this Vector Lights event will be confirmed soon. 

  • Apr 25
    Vector Lights for Anzac Day 2019

    Details for this Vector Lights event will be confirmed soon. 

Past events

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  • Jan 27
    Vector Lights Launch Show

    Vector Lights will be bringing the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge to life. It’s a world-first solar, battery and peer-to-peer powered light show that demonstrates a smarter way to power our city. 

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  • Feb 02
    Waitangi Weekend

    Waitangi Day, named after Waitangi where the Treaty of Waitangi was first signed, commemorates a significant day in the history of New Zealand. The #VectorLights show for Waitangi will start at 9pm and then play every hour until midnight. The synced music will be available here when the show goes live. See more of the story here

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