Vector Lights energy use - live

Vector Lights is powered by a mix of leading technology, including solar, battery and peer-to-peer systems.

Energy generated by solar panels is stored in a shipping container-sized Tesla Powerpack battery. Smart meters at the battery and on Auckland Harbour Bridge relay data between each other every 10 seconds. Using peer-to-peer technology, the amount of power Vector Lights uses at any one time is relayed back to the battery, which then releases this amount of power.

Here you'll see the live dashboard of the energy being created and used by Vector Lights.


Sources: Fun Fact #1 Average home’s power usage from MBIE. Fun Fact #4 (Equivalent native trees) calculated by using the ‘Amount of Carbon offset per hectare per year’ given in table two of the Ministry for Primary Industries’ ‘Look-up Tables for Forestry in the Emissions Trading Scheme, December 2015’ and assuming there are 1,200 native trees per hectare. Fun Fact #5 ‘Carbon avoided’ calculated using Carbon Emissions Factor of 0.119453.  Fun Fact #6 Car emissions per kilometre taken from Ministry for the Environment and average daily car distance taken from the Ministry of Transport



  • May 29
    Vector Lights for Auckland Harbour Bridge's 60th Birthday

    Auckland’s iconic Harbour Bridge is set to sparkle this Queen’s Birthday weekend for its 60th birthday, with a Vector Lights show running every 30 minutes from 6pm to 10pm from Wednesday 29 May – Monday 3 June 2019 celebrating the city’s transport past, present and future.

  • Jun 27
    Vector Lights for Matariki 2019

    The show will run from 6:00pm until midnight, across three weekends starting on Thusday 27 June. Full details of the light show will be confirmed soon.


Past events

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  • May 20
    Vector Lights for Techweek 2019

    Vector Lights joins Techweek19 to light up the bridge using the imagination of our next generation. Students worked with Method Digital agency, to predict the future of the world and transmit these ideas into a spectacular design and audio show that will play from 20th to 26th May, 6:30pm -midnight.


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  • May 17
    Vector Lights for Pink Shirt Day and NZ Rainbow Excellence Awards

    Vector Lights on the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge will shine pink tonight, Friday 17 May, from 6pm in celebration of Pink Shirt Day and the New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards.

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