Vector Lights energy use (live)

Vector Lights is powered by a mix of leading technology, including solar, battery and peer-to-peer systems.

Energy generated by solar panels is stored in a shipping container-sized Tesla Powerpack battery. Smart meters at the battery and on Auckland Harbour Bridge relay data between each other every 10 seconds. Using peer-to-peer technology, the amount of power Vector Lights uses at any one time is relayed back to the battery, which then releases this amount of power.

Here you'll see the live dashboard of the energy being created and used by Vector Lights.


Sources: Fun Fact #1 Average home’s power usage from MBIE. Fun Fact #4 (Equivalent native trees) calculated by using the ‘Amount of Carbon offset per hectare per year’ given in table two of the Ministry for Primary Industries’ ‘Look-up Tables for Forestry in the Emissions Trading Scheme, December 2015’ and assuming there are 1,200 native trees per hectare. Fun Fact #5 ‘Carbon avoided’ calculated using Carbon Emissions Factor of 0.119453.  Fun Fact #6 Car emissions per kilometre taken from Ministry for the Environment and average daily car distance taken from the Ministry of Transport



  • Oct 05
    Vector Lights for Diwali Festival

    From 8pm to midnight see and hear Vector Lights celebrating Diwali. Known as The Festival of Lights, Diwali signifies the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil and the renewal of life. Shubh Diwali (Happy Diwali)! Show will play every 5 minutes.

  • Oct 18
    Vector Lights for World Energy Day

    This World Energy Day we’re highlighting the role energy plays in New Zealand’s journey to net zero carbon. Watch the history of energy and take a glimpse at Aotearoa’s new energy future. From 8pm. Show repeats every 30 minutes.

  • Dec 13
    Vector Festive for the Festive Season

    It’s going to be Auckland’s brightest festive season yet with Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge! The sustainable light show, and accompanying soundtrack, will countdown the 12 days of a Kiwi Christmas. The show will repeat every 15 minutes from Monday 13   to Friday 24 December from 9pm until midnight. See the lyrics here

  • Dec 31
    Vector Lights for new year's eve

    As the first international city to welcome in the New Year, Auckland’s iconic landmarks are turning on a visual extravaganza for lucky visitors and residents to feast their eyes on as they countdown to 2020. The lights will shine from 9pm ahead of the main show (and livestream) just before midnight.

Past events

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  • Apr 23
    Vector Lights for ANZAC Day

    Vector Lights will shine poppy-red, Friday 23 April to Monday 26 April from 6pm until midnight to commemorate the servicemen and servicewomen, past and present, who have displayed courage and self-sacrifice serving our country. On the morning of the 25 April at 5am the show will play to coincide with dawn services.

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  • Apr 15
    Vector Lights for Poppy Day 2021

    Vector Lights will shine red for two nights to support Poppy Day (16 April) from Thursday 15 to Friday 16 April

    For more information about Vector Lights, including show times and best viewing points around the city, visit

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