Digital gas meters on the rise


Vector Metering is bringing ‘smart’ metering services to gas, with the successful deployment of more than 20,000 digital gas meters across New Zealand and capacity to roll out 100,000 by 2024. 

Technological advances in gas meters have put them on a par with smart electricity meters. The new digital gas meters use ultrasonic measurement technology to record consumption every 30 minutes and send data daily to Vector Metering’s secure metering data and analytics platform, developed in conjunction with Amazon Web Services.   

Just like electricity, smart gas services deliver multiple benefits to consumers, retailers and networks.  Consumers enjoy getting more accurate bills and can better track their gas consumption through apps and online portals. They no longer have the disruption of someone coming onto their property to read their meter.   

 “We know that consumers want access to data faster to be able to make informed energy choices. The introduction of smart gas services is another step in the energy sector’s transition to meet changing customer needs,” says Sarah McHardy, General Manager Customer, Vector Metering.   

For retailers, actual data daily is providing operational savings through fewer billing queries, reversals and rebills. Customer queries are resolved faster, and energy trading is more accurate.  

Another key advantage is sustainability - digital gas meters have been proven to remain accurate with up to 20 percent hydrogen blended with natural gas. Vector Metering is participating with a New Zealand distribution company in a residential hydrogen trial early in 2023 using our smart gas services.   

Vector Metering partnered with Genesis to deploy smart gas meters throughout New Zealand, with Genesis providing customers access to their gas data through their Energy IQ app. Customers can now see both their electricity and gas consumption daily and get estimates of their next bill.  

“Our customers are really appreciating that they can now see their actual gas consumption. It allows them to draw insights on when and how much gas they are using and what their next bill is likely to be, which makes it easier to manage their energy. Smart gas meters are a new and innovative service and we have been rolling it out to customers over the past year,” said Cameron Jardine, Acting Chief Customer Officer at Genesis.