Vector Lights for Waitangi Day 2019

Vector Lights

This year, to lead New Zealand’s Waitangi Day celebration, Vector Lights will tell the story of the islands in Waitemata Harbour from the unique perspective of local iwi Te Kawerau a Maki, in a colourful and lively light and audio show.

Vector Lights on Waitangi Weekend - What you need to know:

  • The Waitangi light and sound show starts at 9.00pm on Saturday 2 Feb and runs through to Thursday 7 Feb at midnight.
  • Duration is approx. 7 minutes and will repeat every half hour until midnight.
  • Get out on one of these six nights and enjoy the experience from your favourite view point around the Waitematā harbour.
  • Audio: bring your mobile device and speaker with you! There will be a dedicated audio stream synced to the light show at
  • The show will also be live-streamed on and our Facebook page, so you can watch at home.
  • Share your experience on Instagram and Twitter with #vectorlights

The Vector Lights Waitangi show is told in 6 chapters:

Chapter 1: Rangitoto appears suddenly, followed by the slow emergence of Te motu tapu a Taikehu.

Te unuhanga o Rangitoto
Te rangi i totongia a Tamatekapua
Te motu tapu a Taikehu

Chapter 2: Waka, captured in white triangular symbols of light, arrive.

Tainui Waka arrives in Tāmaki Makaurau
Te Kawerau a Maki are the northernmost tribe of the Tainui waka.
Te Kei o Te Waka, te kuaha ki te Kaipara

Chapter 3: Red stingray glide in with whale cries and dolphin calls filling the air.

Paneiraira was a taniwha that swam with the Tainui waka from Hawaiki. Taniwha can take many forms such as stingray, sharks, whales and octopus.

Chapter 4: Rangitoto erupts in a dramatic, evocative dance of colour and sound.   

Te Motu o Rangitoto

Chapter 5: Birds symbolise new life.

Te Motu Tapu a Taikehu

Chapter 6: A fleet of waka in many colours enters the Waitematā Harbour.

Ngā waka o Taikehu me he kāhui kātaha, kapi tai

Vector Lights is part of a smart energy partnership between Vector and Auckland Council. Powered by a mix of leading clean energy technology, including solar, battery and peer-to-peer systems, Vector Lights transforms the Waitematā as a guiding light toward a smart energy future. See more about Vector Lights at